Please call TLC (847.272.7255) or Rabbi Karsh directly (773.450.0708) prior to attending any class for the first time, as schedules are subject to change.


Daf Yomi*

7:15am  Daily page of Talmud.


Daf Yomi*

5:30-6:30am Daily page of Talmud.

1st Equity - Bank and Learn - Rabbi David Fohrman's greatest hits

12:00-1:00pm Rabbi Karsh moderates this weekly class, which is taught by Rabbi Fohrman via superbly produced video clips.  Held in Buffalo Grove.


Daf Yomi*

5:30-6:30am Daily page of Talmud.  

Mystical Insights from the torah portion

7:00-8:00pm  No background required!  Complimentary sandwich wraps included.  Contact us to place your order!


Daf Yomi*

5:30-6:30am Daily page of Talmud.  

Nach and Nosh

12:30-1:30pm  Engage with a lively group on one chapter of prophets per week.  At Mizrahi Grill in Highland Park.

The wisdom of rabbi david fohrman

7:00-8:00pm Study the text using videos of Rabbis David Fohrman teaching, we grapple with the text.


Daf Yomi*

5:30-6:30am Daily page of Talmud.  

Exodus Revealed

9:00-10:00am   Join us as we carefully read the Book of Exodus and discover its treasures.

Hebrew Reading Crash Course (Seasonal - call to confirm)


Cholent Shmooze*

9:00-10:00pm  A lively discussion of a contemporary Jewish issue, with delicious food from Mizrahi Grill.   


Daf Yomi*

5:30-6:30am Daily page of Talmud.  


  • All classes are taught by Rabbi Karsh.

  • Classes marked with * are held at Darchei Noam in Northbrook

  • All other classes are located at TLC, 2548 Jasper Court, Northbrook, unless otherwise noted.

Besides our published classes, we are engaged daily in private study with small groups or individuals. TLC also offers a unique one-on-one learning for men, women and kids. This is when you can learn what you want when you want! If you are interested in forming a small study group or individual study session, please call our office for details- 847-272-7255.