Meet Rabbi Karsh

Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a graduate of Brisk Yeshiva High School in Chicago and Marquette University where he received an M. Ed in Guidance and Counseling. Rabbi Karsh spent seventeen years in Jerusalem continuing his studies and teaching at Ohr Somayach, Neve Yerushalayim Jewish Educational Network, B'not Torah Institute and Shayara. Upon moving to Chicago, Rabbi Karsh became Director of Outreach at the Chicago Community Kollel. It was during his tenure at the Kollel that he helped found the Torah Learning Center.  Rabbi Karsh is also currently a Rabbi at Darchei Noam of Glenbrook, a vibrant new orthodox community in Northbrook.

Torah Learning Center is very grateful to have it's home at Northbrook Community Synagogue, a thriving Traditional Synagogue serving Northrbook and its surrounding suburbs.

Students of Rabbi Karsh have discovered that, through his background in Guidance and Counseling and his extensive teaching experience, Rabbi Karsh has helped them connect more spiritually to Judaism, giving their lives a greater sense of relevance and purpose.  Rabbi Karsh currently lives in Northbrook with his wife, Tzippy, and their four sons.  He spends as much of his time as possible with his children and grandchildren.